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Keep Your Business Organized with Quality Zip Ties, Cable Wraps, Rip Wraps Brand Hook & Loops and More

When it comes to owning an industrial or communication based business, you know organization is key. With an endless amount of cords and supplies, having everything in its place not only provides a clean area for your employees to work, but it also promotes productivity. Gain the resources you need to make your business thrive with products from West Pac Industries. Since our inception in 1984, we have been committed to bringing you the highest quality industrial products, ideal for fiber optics, computer, and communication companies.
Available nationwide, our full line of products, including fasteners and tie-wraps, are durable, long-lasting, and incredibly affordable. When you are placed on an open account, we will even pay all your freight costs.

It's All in the Service

West Pac Industries provides sound solutions to allow your business to operate smoothly and efficiently, providing you with all of the supplies you depend on. Our company was founded on the values of honesty and integrity, making customer satisfaction our primary focus, no matter the order size. We can accommodate small to large bulk orders, and our minimal turnaround time sets us apart as industry leaders. Contact us today to receive your free sample of the great products we offer.


Victor has given us a great product at the most competetive prices for the past ten years.


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